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School of Nursing

The school of nursing was established in June, 1997, with the collaboration of United Nation International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Community Midwifery course was also commenced since March, 2007.At present it is well established school with a glorious academic record.

College of Nursing

This College is equipped with all the latest educational learning resources, enthusiastic faculty and supporting staff. The New College of Nursing is a way for graduate nurses to achieve the desired outcomes for higher education and quality assurance in health care system. The 500 bedded, DHQ Hospital, Muzaffar Garh is a care facility with numerous specialties and expert health teams will provide excellent teaching and clinical opportunities for the students.


In accordance with PNC/HEC (2006, 2010) we believe that people are individuals of innate worth and dignity. They have spiritual, biological, social and psychological needs, and have the right to pursue the highest level of health and quality of life achievable for themselves and their communities. Peoples’ commitment to Islam helps them to develop a code of ethics which directs their positive attitudes and activities towards others.


Keeping in view our philosophy, the major goals of the programme are to: